Posted by: wrha | March 20, 2016

The weekend of 19th and 20th of March

One of the main jobs this weekend was to get the generator in position and mechanically connected up. This involved connecting up the exhaust system, fuel system and putting the radiator back on the engine. The exhaust system was quite a job as the system had to be disassembled so that it could be reconnected in the correct format to fit in the container. Once the exhaust was completed the fuel tank was temporary connected up and the generator run up. Once the fuel was bleed through the generator engine ran fine.

On the Sunday the fuel tank was connected up and the exhaust system lagged. The generator now awaits connecting up electrically and then it will be ready to supply the compound area and coaches with electrical power.

Elsewhere on site Peter and Tom completed work on the platform trolley that they have been working on over the winter. It now looks splendid in its newly applied coat of red paint and will soon go back on display on the platform.

Joe was up over the weekend and continued work on the buttress wall behind the coaches. The wall will help stabilize the embankment and stop slippage.

A good weekend with pleasant spring like weather. There are still a large number of jobs to complete before the season starts, but we are getting there.


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