Posted by: wrha | March 14, 2016

Whitrope 12/3/16

A busy weekend at Whitrope with the major job on Saturday to extend the running line south of bridge 200 by at least a 60ft panel. This was to comply with a request from the forestry commission engineer.

A good number of volunteers were on site to help tackle the job. The track-bed was dressed for the panel and then sleepers were laid out. On a fairly foggy cool day the heavy work involved kept the track gang reasonably warm. With the sleepers laid out, two 60 ft rails were put in place and clipped up, with the panel fish-plated to the previous end of the running line. All sounds very simple, but actually involves a great deal of hard work. By the end of the day the panel was complete. It still needs a great deal of work before it is ready for operational use, but it will be fine for storing stock.

Elsewhere Joe was up for the weekend, starting work on the flowerbeds ready for his spring display. Bill and Alan were also on site working on the coaches ahead of the new season.

With more stock arriving in the next week or so there is plenty happening at Whitrope, so if you have been thinking about volunteering why not pop along. We are a friendly bunch and can use any skills people have from accounting through to bricklaying and everything in between.

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