Posted by: wrha | November 23, 2015

November Works Weekend

The last works weekend of the year provided an opportunity to lay some more ballast on the main line to the tunnel. The main concern with the mild Autumn we have been having was being too warm whilst shoveling the ballast. We need not have worried, winter weather arrived just in time so that temperature regulation was not an issue.

The team that arrived on the Saturday morning were faced with a neat pile of 20 ton of ballast at the level crossing, freshly decorated with a couple of inches of overnight snow. Not to be deterred they cracked on and started work to lay the ballast, using Jim’s excavator, the Ruston and flat wagon. With the ambient temperature ideal for heavy labour the pw team made great progress and by the end of the day all 20 tons had been laid. This means that the ballasted track is now almost half way from the level crossing towards the tunnel.

Elsewhere on site one of the parcels trolleys has been moved into the exhibition coach for a winter refurbishment. Joe was up working on the plants around the site. New volunteer Malcolm was drafted into the pw team and seemed to enjoy his day, although he may have awaken feeling a little sore on Sunday morning! Welcome to the crew.

Sunday saw a smaller number of volunteers on site, but work was carried out to move materials into the containers. The unit RB004 and the pw bug were winterised ready for the colder weather over the next couple of months.

This was the last works weekend of the year and marks the last event for this year. Work will continue at weekends over the winter, but it will be the New Year before any major programmes are planned. As always thanks to all the volunteers that have been up to Whitrope during the year. It is your hard work and commitment that allows the railway to make such good progress.


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