Posted by: wrha | July 26, 2015

Border Union Show and Running Weekend

The railway had a stand at this years Border Union show in Kelso. The show runs on the Friday and Saturday providing the railway a chance to be seen by a wider audience. The weather on both days was somewhat mixed, with pleasant sunshine and heavy showers. Still a good deal of publicity material was given out and a lot of favorable comments were received. Thanks to all the members that crewed the stand and help set up and take down the stand.

On site a number of volunteers were up on Saturday, with services being run in conjunction with the show appearance. Several jobs were ongoing, with further work on the paths at the end of the platform to allow access to the back of the coaches in the bay platform. A small team were working on the Ruston focusing on the paintwork. Ian was up progressing the sealing and painting of the Mk1 buffet, unfortunately not helped by the rain. The office container also witnessed the attention of a small painting team progressing the clean up and painting of the exterior.

With a number of visitors arriving for train rides it proved quiet a busy day.


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