Posted by: wrha | July 12, 2015

The Branch Line Society Visit 10th July 2015

On the Friday morning the railway played host to a visit from the Branch Line Society. Their members had traveled from all over the UK for the visit with one member travelling from as far away as Minehead in Somerset. Their arrival was scheduled for 09:00 so it was an early start for the volunteers on duty. The plan for the visit was to cover as much track as was accessible using RB004, we were also providing food and drinks as they had all been travelling for a good while.

With a good turn out of volunteers and the food collected from the caterers we were all ready as they arrived. The partyof over 50 split into a couple of groups with one party travelling on the train, down to bridge 200 then back along and up to the tunnel end on the main line. They then had a short trip along the completed section of the run round loop. Whilst the first group were on the unit the second group were having some refreshments. The groups then swapped around.

Finally some of the group had a short trip in the permaquip trolley along a short section of track from the end of the platform. The group visited the exhibition and had a good look around the site. The feedback from all the group members was very positive, they were impressed by the exhibition and the hospitality on offer.

I would like to thank Paul Stewart of the Branch Line Society for organizing the trip, Thomas and Ethel Tearooms at Earlston for providing the food and most importantly all the volunteers that turned out early on a Friday morning to make the visit such a success.


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