Posted by: wrha | July 6, 2015

Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th of July

Another Saturday of low cloud and occasional rain combined with warm temperatures made the local midge population very happy and the volunteers not so!! The main focus of the day was to get the stock and site ready for the BLS society visit next Friday. We also carried out some work on the permaquip ‘bug’ to prepare her for operating. After being given a successful inspection the ‘bug’ was run up and down the line. This also involved raising the ‘bug’ on the hydraulic ram and rotating it to reverse the direction of travel. Everything worked fine and this looks like a really useful addition to our stock list. One lesson was learnt in the during in the day, don’t press the remote stops by accident whilst rotating the vehicle?!!
Some more ballast was spread beyond bridge 200, but the midges won out here and the exercise was cut short.
The blackboard that Peter has been working on is now complete and just awaits mounting in the new office container.

Sunday was a much more pleasant sunny day with a number of visitors enjoying the exhibition and riding in the unit. The only down side was that the generator appears to have packed up again and will need further work.


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