Posted by: wrha | June 22, 2015

Track Weekend 20-21st of June

For the middle of June the day started of with very poor weather conditions, low cloud, mist and rain showers. It also provided perfect conditions for Whitrope’s midge population! Fortunately the afternoon was much better.
One of the main jobs of the weekend was to try and effect a repair on the generator. Jim and Duncan set about trying to swap over the generator end from the old generator plant with ours. After a couple of attempts it was decided that the easiest way was going to be to change over the winding housings. This was done and after a little bit of playing about with the wiring by Andy we got it all working again.
Baz and Dave carried on tidying up the compound area, which is starting to look much more presentable. They also had a large fire down the bottom end to dispose of a large amount of waste wood. With the task completed they also repaired the fence around the temporary crossing, built to allow construction of the bay platform.
Numerous painting tasks were also ongoing, with Tom working on the Ruston, Peter completing the restoration of the blackboard, Davie working on the Fowler and Chris applying more layer to the Mk 1 coach.

A reasonable number of volunteers on site, with Fathers Day running going on. Tony arrived with another load of pw gear, delivery being held over from Saturday due to heavy traffic on the A1. With the materials off-loaded the mini-digger was used to tidy up the area near the Eskbank bridge to re-create the turning circle. The opportunity was also taken to get some more ballast on the track-bed in that area. Davie was up working away on the Fowler.
There were also a reasonable flow of visitors enjoying trips in the unit and some also having a trip in Ruston as part of the Fathers Day event.

A good weekend with a number of jobs done and the station and compound area looking much more respectable.


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