Posted by: wrha | June 8, 2015

Saturday 6th June

Someone said it was supposed to be summer-time, unfortunately no one told the weather up at Whitrope. A cold day with heavy showers of driving rain somewhat curtailed most activity on site. A reasonable number of volunteers were up and in between the rain showers various jobs were done.

Work was carried out on one of the recently acquired containers to repair the roof, a repair which was given a thorough testing as soon as it was in place. The good news being the repair seemed to be fine. That leaves painting required on a drier day.
Jim had been up in the week and completed the wiring job on the new office container, so we had light and heat in there on Saturday, quite handy really! Dave continued his work on the outside with another panel riveted in place.
Elsewhere Tom continued to work on the Ruston, whilst Peter advanced the restoration of the old railway chalkboard for use in the office. Baz loaded up Deliah with another load of waste materials from the compound, ready to be taken down to the container area for disposal. Joe was up, but the drainage work he was planning was somewhat curtailed by the elements.

Given the weather quite a lot was actually achieved, hopefully the weather conditions will improve soon as there is a great deal of painting to do.

The June track weekend will be the weekend of the 20th-21st of June, with work focused on completing a number of jobs around the site rather than beginning any new projects.


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