Posted by: wrha | June 5, 2015

Locomotive naming at Edinburgh Waverley

In a ceremony held yesterday at Edinburgh Waverley station Freightliner 66528 was named after veteran Waverley Railway campaigner Madge Elliot MBE. The nameplate was unveiled by Madge herself and it will be nice at some point in the future to see the locomotive in action on the re-opened section of the route. Congratulations to Madge in having all her tireless campaigning recognized in such a good way. Below are couple of photographs from the ceremony taken by Andy Hadwin.



  1. Nameplate says Madge Elliot MBE

    The double L and single T
    Descent from Minto and Wolflee,
    The double T and single L
    Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell.
    The single L and single T
    The Eliots of St Germains be,
    But double T and double L,
    Who they are nobody can tell.

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