Posted by: wrha | May 24, 2015

Saturday 23rd May

A lovely day up at Whitrope with sunshine and very pleasant temperatures.

A variety of jobs were ongoing with several volunteers on site. Ian was working on the exterior paintwork on the buffet coach, which was starting to show some signs of wear after another winter up the hill. Alan was making further alterations to the exhibition. The focus of the day was to incorporate a couple of North British rails which Chris Donnelly has donated.

Chris meantime was busy inside the new office container applying more paint to the inside, which is now starting to look fairly smart. The other major job of the day was to fit the newly acquired catch pit. This was dug into position at the end of the bay platform, connecting inputs from the end of the bay and the field drain, then feeding them into the newly installed drainage system. This completes the drain at this end of the system. There is still some more work to do at the far end of the system to feed the drainage into the stream at bridge 199. The last length of pipe still needs some aggregate laying, but the team decided that was a job for anther day.

The pleasant weather brought out a few visitors who were very complimentary about the exhibition and site. The railway will be running unit RB004 this Sunday and each Sunday through the season.


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