Posted by: wrha | May 3, 2015

Saturday 2nd May

Saturday marked the first operating day of the new season and a great deal of work throughout the winter coming to fruition to ensure everything operated smoothly. The day itself was a rather grey drab affair weather-wise, although thankfully the promised rain held off until about 4 o’clock.

The day saw the first use of the refurbished buffet, which is vastly improved and now presents a smart location for customers to relax and enjoy some refreshments. The buffet coach now acts as the shop area with goods displayed in the old serving area and it looks really good. The whole area now has a much more professional feel. The exhibition which has seen a huge amount of work over the winter, has been completely re-organised and developed from last year. The exhibit now features a number of inter-active displays as well as video showing the old Waverley Route in operation and digital photographs, that chart some of the work undertaken in the development of the overall site.

RB004 was running on passenger services, carrying a wreath to mark the passing last week of out recent chairman Roy Perkins.

Elsewhere on site work started on the new office container we have just acquired from Network Rail. The metal shutters over the windows, which obviously have not been opened for a while, were freed up and some lubrication applied. The inside is in fairly good condition with just one broken window that needs replacing. The electrics will need to be re-wired and a coat of paint applied to the walls. The office will be a really useful addition to our facilities for the volunteers. It will provide good quality office space for the mountain of paperwork an operating railway needs and some much needed canteen space for working members.

Chris braved his fear of heights to apply paint to the higher reaches of the signal, which already looks better for it, although as always there is still more to do. Davie was at work on the Fowler as well as doing a bit of welding on the office container’s metal shutters. Duncan carried out some repairs to the generator, which cracked a fuel supply pipe last weekend and it is now back up and running.

Overall a good opening to the season with everything operating successfully. We hope to have a busy year this season and there are always lots of jobs to undertake, so if you fancy donating some of your time please pop along, there are always things you can do whatever skills you have.



  1. Looking great team 🙂

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