Posted by: wrha | April 26, 2015

Saturday 25th April

Saturday started off very grey and wet, but as the day went on the weather improved and by mid-afternoon was very pleasant.

The focus for the day was completing tasks ahead of the start of passenger operation next weekend. The path from the car park down to the platform had some more hard core placed on it and a dressing of type 1. There is still some further work to carry out on the path, but it is already looking much better.

The stock was shunted around to clear the running line for operations, with the Ruston being parked in the stock siding and RB004 ready for use at the end of the platform. Inside the coaches Iain, Alan and Bill continue to work away getting everything ready for the opening. Davie was also on site and took advantage of the improved weather in the afternoon to apply more paint to the Fowler.

The site is really progressing and with passenger operation from next weekend please come along to Whitrope and see the progress for yourself.


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