Posted by: wrha | April 20, 2015

Track Weekend – Saturday

Saturday was a glorious day up at Whitrope with wall to wall sunshine and lunch taken outside on the platform to take advantage of the warm weather before the midges appear.

Again there were a number of tasks on the agenda. The first being the fitting of the recently donated facing point lock. This will allow us to run over the point-work with passengers at some point in the future, so a large stride forward in our plans. Fitting the lock was quite a tricky job as it requires careful packing to ensure that the point locks correctly in both positions. After a bit of head scratching and a number of combinations we got there in the end and the facing point lock operated successfully from the ground-frame.

Dropping some of Friday’s ballast on the main running line north of the crossing was another job on the list. This was the first outing for our very own track ballaster the ‘shrimp’. A product of the Tony Cormack workshop the ‘shrimp’ fits on the back of a tractor and allows controlled ballast drops. With two hoppers in operation one being filled whilst one was in use, then the two of them are swapped around and the process begins again. The operation went really well, and those of us that have done this job with wheel-barrows can vouch for their worth!

Inside the coaches the exhibition is starting to take shape and the Mk1 buffet is now receiving coats of paint. Up in the car park Joe was busy remounting the car park gate which had been blown of its hinges during one of the winter storms. Davie continued to weld up the base of the signal, although the welder was being a little temperamental.

Overall a good day that advanced plans for the new season and achieved a number of jobs on our longer term aims list.

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