Posted by: wrha | April 19, 2015

Track Weekend – Friday

The start of of a very busy track weekend, with a large number of tasks to complete, aimed at ensuring the site will be ready for the new season. Early morning Tony and Mike, from ‘Lift and Shift’ collected two containers we have acquired from Network Rail. Once they arrived on site the containers were dropped off and then the main job of the day. The signal was lift into position at the end of the platform. Pleasingly the signal fitted perfectly on it’s housing and now looks splendid in it’s new location. A delivery of ballast arrived, which will be used over the rest of the weekend.
Mean while inside work progressed in the two coaches, with painting on-going and the exhibition starting to take shape.



  1. Just to be a pedant – it’s a Hymac 370C rather than a JCB. One of those cases of a brand name becoming an overall name for the type of machine in a similar vein to Hoover.

  2. From a lurker:
    These reports and your work are really great to read. Keep up the good work.

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