Posted by: wrha | April 8, 2015

Mid-week update, Wednesday 8th April

A quick update on work at Whitrope over the last few days.
Alan and Bill are working away to prepare the exhibition coach for the new season. All the exhibition boards are being repainted in a green, which hopefully closely matches North British green. Once the boards are complete the exhibition will start to come back together.
Ian has been working away in the buffet coach, and is working hard to prepare the coach for our visitors.
Jim has been able to repair the starter motor on the JCB returning it working order.
Off-site Tony has been able to repair the issue with Delilah’s engine and she is now back up and running.
Chris has started work inside the old Mk1 coach painting one section of the roof, vastly improving the look in that area.
Finally the last of the current batch of aggregate has been laid along the back of the coaches in the bay platform. We need another small batch to complete the job.

There is plenty going on and a number of volunteers putting in a great deal of time and effort to prepare the site for the up-coming season.


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