Posted by: wrha | April 4, 2015

Works Week – Friday

Friday started off very grey and damp, but thankfully improved as the day went on. To complete the full set of mechanical issues the JCB failed to start and has got an issue with the starter motor. The starter will have to come off for repairs, but that is a job for another day. The main job of the day was to start back filling the trench with the pipe laid as far as possible, until we have sumps for the two ends.
The dumper was loaded using Tony’s digger and the aggregate was spread by the team using number one shovel power. Once the length along the access to the bay was completed attention shifted to back-filling the stretch along the back of the coaches. These involved wheel-barrowing loads of aggregate along, an ever increasing distance. By the end of the day a good percentage of the bay had been completed. Leaving a very tired but satisfied team to make their way home.
The jobs left over from the planned works, re-profiling the path down to the station, plus drilling and securing the lever frame will be completed at the next track weekend.
Thanks to the volunteers who have contributed this week and overcome a number of mechanical issues, that have slowed the job down somewhat.


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