Posted by: wrha | March 24, 2015

Track Weekend 20-22nd March (Saturday and Sunday)


With another pleasant day, although a little chilly in the morning, a good number of volunteers were on site. The installation of additional sleepers in the stock siding was completed and the sleepers were roughly leveled and packed. The foundation timbers for the ground frame were drilled, although a longer drill bit is needed to complete the job. If anyone asks you to drill through a piece jarrah, find another job to do (top tip!). Further progress was made on the rodding runs with the crank for the FPL positioned and screwed down.
The area of track around the points were surveyed and this showed up a large twist, which was to be a job for the Sunday.
Work started preparing the drain along the bay platform for piping up. Davie continued to work on the Fowler, with the rodding being primed and painted. Chris set to work on the signal and this is now resplendent in it’s new coat of white.
Ian was busy in the buffet coach working to prepare it for the upcoming season. Tom carried out various jobs on the Ruston. Joe busied himself planting a large number of bluebell plants at various locations around the site.


The good weather of the weekend continued with another dry pleasant day. The main task of the day was to compact the ballast around the point to remove the twist fault. This was achieved although we now need some more ballast to fill the cribs which are looking fairly empty. Some small sections of rodding were cut and drilled to complete the run for the FPL. Both runs are now nearly complete with the levers throwing the point and acting on were the FPL will be fitted. We just need to source a suitable FPL to complete this part of the job. Ian D did a great job of tidying up the turf along the length of the rodding run, vastly improving its appearance.
Joe continued his mammoth planting exercise around the area. An attempt was made to drill the point spacing bar on site, but this defeated us and Tony took it away to drill on a pillar drill.

Overall a very productive weekend which achieved most of the aims set. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.


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