Posted by: wrha | March 23, 2015

Track weekend 20-22nd of March (Friday)

The Friday saw a number of volunteers on site with the main focus being the ground-frame and surrounding area. A number of sleepers were laid along part of the stock siding to improve the sleeper spacing in this area. Further work was carried out on the rodding run, with work concentrated on the facing point lock run. The crank was position and lined up and awaited drilling.
The foundation timber were set in place for the ground-frame, with large holes dug and the timbers concreted into position.
A number of deliveries of aggregate materials were also made during the course to provide materials for various jobs planned for the up coming works week.

All photographs by Jim Dick



  1. Reblogged this on Max Stafford's Kennel and commented:
    Re-blogged from the WRHA. The guys at Whitrope were very busy with work on the crossover; a project that has been ongoing for many years and now approaching completion. First steps are also underway to provide Whitrope with its first mechanical signals too – something I’m very much looking forward to!

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