Posted by: wrha | March 5, 2015

Eskbank and Newtongrange

At both Eskbank and Newtongrange stations work seems to be focused on the car park areas. At both sites the coping stones are sitting on the platforms awaiting fitting. At Eskbank the footpath which crosses the line just south of the new station has been closed off for a while, so getting photographs of the actual station is difficult.



  1. ‘Passive provision’ for doubling the section between the south end of Newbattle viaduct and the north side of Shank Bridge is one of the measures that has been included to allow a 4 trains an hour service as far as Gorebridge in the future. So, yes, there is space for a second track and platform at Newtongrange. The new drainage running on the site of the former down line would need modification/relocation for that to happen, though. Other upgrades would also be needed elsewhere to facilitate a higher frequency service. These could include: remodeling of Portobello East Junction; capacity enhancement between Waverley and Portobello; and re-doubling some or all of the section between Portobello and the Shawfair dynamic loop (currently much of this operates as two parallel single lines). The latter would also require second platforms for Brunstane and Newcraighall…so quite an undertaking. There is going to be ever increasing pressure on the eastern approach to Waverley in coming years with the existing Newcraighall/Borders, North Berwick and intercity services being joined by a new Berwick local service (serving reopened stations at East Linton and Reston) and possibly ECS working to and from the proposed EMU depot at Millerhill. Watch this space!

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