Posted by: wrha | February 22, 2015

Saturday 21st February

A day of pleasant sunshine brought a good number of volunteers up the hill, which allowed a variety of jobs to be done.
The main task of the day was to move the bracket signal which is going to be located at the southern end of the platform, from its storage site down near the Eskbank footbridge. Once safely positioned on the trolleys the assembly was pushed up the hill. The signal will now be cleaned up and painted ready for lifting into position, hopefully sometime in April.
Further work was carried out on the point rodding run, with the area around the compensator benches compacted using the whacker, to reduce any chance of lateral movement when the levers are being thrown. Further leveling and packing remains to be done, but it is pleasing to see this job moving forward.
Alan and Bill were on site and making a start on the exhibition coach, ready for the new season.
Peter and Tom were busy in the old Mk1 coach. With Davie making further progress on the coupling rods on the Fowler. Chris took advantage of the mild conditions to start touching up the white paintwork on the platform edge.
Last, but by no means least, Joe was busy with a number of gardening jobs. These included building a new box display for the platform, which will give us lovely display of spring flowers. He also has a large amount of spring flowers to plant in the area around the platform.


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