Posted by: wrha | February 17, 2015


The terminus of the line at Tweedbank now has track and is looking more like a railway than the building site it has been so far. The progress along the line continues at a good pace although there is still a huge amount to do. Tweedbank is starting to take on the look of a reasonable terminus station, rather than the bus stop type halt it could easily of been, but for the lobbying of groups like the ‘Campaign for Borders Rail’.



  1. Stop sign is probably there because a permanent illuminated red light hasn’t been fitted yet. It’ll need power, which is probably not available yet.

  2. PLB denoting the limit of a possession. A PLB (possession limit board) is still required, even if the limit of the block is a buffer end….

  3. Platform doesn’t look long enough to accommodate 11 coach excursions. Are they going to build more platform section towards the point?

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