Posted by: wrha | February 16, 2015

Saturday 14th February

A milder day at Whitrope saw a number of volunteers on site and several jobs progressed.

A small S & T gang worked on the point rodding run, with the point blades now connected up to the lever frame, allowing the point to be moved from the lever frame. There is still a large amount of adjustment to be made to the whole run before everything operates as it should, but it was nice to see the point moving when the lever was pulled. Hopefully this job will continue to progress over the next few weekends.

Alan and Bill were up working on the exhibition coach in preparation for the new season. Tom and Peter were working on various jobs including giving the brass-work on the Ruston a good polish. Chris was touching up various bits of paintwork and Davie has turned his attention to the coupling rod on the Fowler.



  1. Further excellent progress men, well done to all.


  2. Reblogged this on Loco Yard and commented:
    More excellent progress, let’s hope the milder weather holds!

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