Posted by: wrha | January 8, 2015

The Southern end of the line at Christmas Shutdown (part3)

The final section of this review of the line over Christmas and New Year looks at the section from Kilnknowe Junction to the terminus at Tweedbank.
There is still a great deal of groundwork to be done along this section, with the platform at Galashiels only just starting to appear. The station at Tweedbank is much more complete and a good idea of the layout can now be gauged. One of the biggest jobs along this section, the replacement of the bridge at Winston Road is nearing completion.
It will be interesting to see how quickly the track reaches the final destination at Tweedbank.



  1. Thanks so much for getting out in the cold/dark/wet to record history in the making. Good to see that, 46 years on, some old footbridges were retained, but a shame that the new bridges only look like single-track width.
    If the Tweedbank carpark is on the northside, does this mean that the access road will block any extension of the railway towards Melrose?

    • Yes the road will run across the end of the platform, with a roundabout there as well. The bright side is that it would not be a massive task to put in a different approach.

  2. More great photos lads, thanks for posting!

  3. Thank You for being that busy keeping us supplied with all these photographes. I ejoy to see the old buckholm bridge so nicely improved.
    Good times Andreas

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