Posted by: wrha | January 1, 2015

Whitrope update Saturday 27th December

A small crew up the hill to burn off some of the Christmas mince pies.
Work focused on the Ruston with repairs being carried out on the fuel system. Once the work was completed it was decided to move the Mk11 buffet from the platform into the stock siding. The move was carried out using the Ruston and although the move went well it did highlight that the fuel system still requires some more work.

The last weekend of 2014 here’s to a successful 2015 for the railway.



  1. Now if someone had clicked then the BSO could have been pulled out first, before putting the RFO in and then the short rake would have been made up in correct formation… 😉 Seriously though, cheers lads.

    • All part of the master plan. That will be the next driver training exercise!!

      • I suspected that might be the case! Ahh, the joy of drop head buckeye couplings…

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