Posted by: wrha | December 4, 2014

Track-laying Fountainhall to Stow part1

Sorry for the delay in getting these photographs on the blog. Some views of the railway from Fountainhall down to Stow, with a couple of shots of the southern end of Bowshank Tunnel. The track-laying continues a pace and should by the end of this year be just about complete. The only area that still does not appear to be anywhere ready for the track-work is the centre of Galashiels.



  1. While it’s great to see the railway being reborn it is a shame they could not at least lay the track down one side of the trackbed to allow an additional running line or loop to be installed in the future. It looks like the track has been installed right down the middle of the roadbed under the refurbished double line width bridges at Plenploth and Fountainhall. Never mind; at least the railway is coming back and we’re seeing trains rumbling up and down the Gala Water valley again for the first time since 1972 (before I was born….). Roll on September 🙂

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