Posted by: wrha | December 1, 2014

Works Weekend 29th and 30th of November 2014

A busy weekend with a good turn out of volunteers and a welcome smattering of visitors.
The main task of the weekend was to work on the track from the level crossing to the tunnel. Work was carried out on both the main running line and what will eventually become the run-round loop and hopefully further siding space. A number of track panels were completed with track gauged and clipped. By the end of the weekend our stock of base-plates had been exhausted, so we will need to re-stock before further works can be undertaken. Most of the track is now ready for ballasting and then this section of track would be available for running. There are a number of tasks such as completing the point-rodding and installing the level crossing gates to complete before the section can be used for passengers, but real progress is being made.

Work continues on the Mk1 buffet with some more seats removed to create a clear area near the new serving counter. The target is to have the coach available for use by visitors next season. Chris continues to work on the old Mk1 coach to improve it’s external appearance.

Elsewhere work was carried out on the newly arrived dumper and a little bit of maintenance was carried out on RB004. Joe was on -site for the weekend and worked on extending the wild meadow near the footpath from the car-park to the platform.

The weather over the weekend was really kind to us and the Sunday was very nice with bright sunshine creating extremely pleasant working condition. The site will now see less activity threw the winter although volunteers will be on site most weekends as long as the weather is reasonable. Another year at Whitrope, with once again huge strides made on site and the railway continues to advance well. Thanks to everyone for their support both actually on-site or via your membership, or by visiting.



  1. Next time, Dave gets to lean on a ferrule extractor….

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