Posted by: wrha | November 13, 2014

Track-laying near Heriot

A quick up-date provided by Jim, showing the track-laying train just south of Heriot. The track-laying is now well into Scottish Borders territory. The progress down the valley will be easily view-able from the nearby A7.



  1. All good stuff !

    It is noted the rails are coming from Millerhill to site on trains of 5 bogie rail carriers thus in 300 ft lengths for welding into longer lengths on site ..but where are the new rails coming from .. Tata steel at Scunthorpe?

    Likewise Ballast trains are coming to site from Millerhill in trains of up to 20/25 Auto Ballaster bogie hoppers ……how and where from is this ballast getting to Millerhill ?

    It is also noted that all bottom ballast has come by road ..but from where ?
    And all new concretes sleepers have also come by road ..but from where ?

    It would be very interesting to have these details please from local informants whose pictures on the rapid track laying process is much appreciated.

  2. Rail being supplied from TATA Scunthorpe, which is the only supplier of rail in the UK. Sleepers are either from the NR plant at Doncaster or RMC at Washwood Heath. Ballast is from Cloburn Quarry, Lanark, road delivered to Millerhill. 6x 5 wagon sets of Autoballasters are used on each stone train: 30x wagons at 60 tonnes per wagon, or 1,800 tonnes per train.

  3. Two questions rather than comments:

    a) Why two locomotives? Is one not powerful enough or are there so may spares about…
    b) Do the locos propel the train all the way there or do they ‘run round’ at the nearest of the passing places?

    And a comment:
    Thanks for the great coverage of all of this.

    • I understand that the rail trains are top and tailed to the end of the double track section closest to the head of steel. The lead loco then drops onto the back with the second loco and the two propel to site. This is to cut down the overall amount of propelling to/ from site…..

  4. As a member living in Sussex and therefore not knowing the border area well, would it be possible to produce a map showing where the track has so far been laid?

  5. Are you looking at the right page, Richard? Below is a link to the official Facebook page which I’m pretty sure is available to everyone, even those choosing to look on Facebook without having an account.

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