Posted by: wrha | October 29, 2014

A Railway Re-born (part 1)

With the track-work now being laid at quite a pace the railway is starting to come back to life. Places that have not seen railway activity for over 40 years are once again seeing railway locomotives. The pictures in this section start at Gorebridge and work along the line to Eskbank. All this section now has rails laid and most of it has also received a first drop of ballast. It was great to see locomotives operating on the line.


  1. Reblogged this on Max Stafford's Kennel and commented:
    Re-blogged from the WRHA.
    A series of photographs showing the inexorable return of the iron road to the Scottish Borders.
    I would never have believed this possible twenty years ago but today it is again possible to photograph a train with Lady Victoria Colliery as a backdrop.
    At last, one of the biggest wrongs of a London-controlled national transport policy is being righted. New railways are truly one of the great success stories of our Holyrood Parliament.
    Whilst I don’t as yet see a convincing economic case for re-opening all the way to Carlisle ( though it would be a highly useful diversion and charter route), I am convinced we will see trains to Melrose, St Boswells and Hawick again by 2025. It’s nice to dream of things considered impossible even a few short years ago.

  2. What an excellent post well done WRHA…the official Borders Railway website has rather become redundant! And Max I agree 100% with your comments regarding trains to Melrose, St B and Hawick…but as for Carlisle?

  3. My dad took a photo of an austerity locomotive pulling a freight train just south of the new Eskbank station, back in 1959. Quite something to see the changes with the new railway – they had to remove lots of rubbish from the cutting there, as I understand it – single track as opposed to double track back then, with a loco servicing area on the west side, along with a carpet factory and a tall signal box just before the Bonnyrigg Road. I was just a tot back then, but still remember the trains from that distant time, and the loco classes – D49’s, B1’s, K3’s, V2’s, J36’s, 37’s and 38’s, A2’s, V3’s, etc. Really an enormous achievement to see the railway return – of course it should never have been torn up in the first place – and I say that as one who emigrated abroad to Canada back in the mid-60’s, so I have been long gone from the scene.

    The other major abandonment disaster in the Edinburgh area, in my view, was the closure of Princes Street Station. Now, along with a reopened Waverley Route, I think they should knock down the new buildings in that part of Edinburgh and rebuild Princes Street station – as it was.

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