Posted by: wrha | October 14, 2014

Track-laying and the northern end of the railway

With track-laying underway at the northern end of the railway, interest in the re-build seems to be growing. The track is going down at a good rate so progress can be seen every day.
The stations along the line are all taking shape and the whole line is looking more and more like a railway once more.
This review looks at the section from the start of the line at Newcraighall to the site of the old station at Eskbank.



  1. Great pictures, thanks for posting them for us exiles.
    The line around Shawfair looks like what a mainline railway should be, but then what happens round the corner?
    I appreicate that single track saves money, but the design seems to rule out any hope of future duplication. Why go to the trouble of shrinking the solum after 45 years? I think the chances of heading for Hawick will have been reduced by this ‘narrow’ vision.

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