Posted by: wrha | October 14, 2014

Railway artwork from Iain MacIntosh

Iain MacIntosh, WRHA member and former Chairman, and co-author of The Waverley Route Through Time, The Railways of Peebles Through Time and The Border Counties Railway Through Time, is producing a series of artistic works depicting Steam and Diesel workings and several of these are now available for Pre-order:
Rude Awakening,
Holm Locals in Steam
Holm Locals Sulzer
Milepost 72 1/4
Across the Border
Border Atlantic
Forthcoming works can be viewed at Iain MacIntosh Railway Artist on Facebook.
You can help out the WRHA each time you buy a print as 40% commission from each sale goes directly to aid the group’s ground works, vehicle conservation and the sourcing, conservation and the protecting of artifacts.
WAVE004000 Rude Awakening. - Low Res Copy
Rude Awakening
WAVE004001 Holm locals in Steam. - Low Res Copy
Holm Locals in Steam
WAVE004002 Holm locals Sulzer. - Low Res Copy
Holm Locals Sulzer
WAVE004003 Milepost 72 and a quarter. - Low Res Copy
Milepost 72 1/4
WAVE004010 Over the Border. - Low Res Copy
Across the Border
WAVE004012 Border Atlantic low res copy
Border Atlantic

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