Posted by: wrha | September 24, 2014

Galashiels Area Update

A quick look at some of the sites around the Galashiels area that have seen considerable progress since the last update.



  1. Thanks for the update.
    Does the outcome of the referendum make it more likely that the Border UNION Railway will be rebuilt?
    On the English side they could start by saving the viaduct at Stainton. (

  2. Excellent update… I hadn’t seen any shots posted of the restored viaduct on the north side of Torwoodlee Tunnel.

    On the tunnel itself… I am pretty sure this will use conventional track. The Bowshank tunnel required slab track to achieve the required clearances for future electrification as the line is double track at this location.This won’t apply at Torwoodlee; as both of the rebuilt viaducts on either side of the tunnel have been reconstructed as single track structures, reinstatement of double track here is highly unlikely. They should be able to lay the single line down the middle of the tunnel which will give the required electrification clearances.

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