Posted by: wrha | September 15, 2014

Whitrope August / early September update

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, lack of internet access for a while.

Things continue to progress up the hill with the last parts of the work on the platform coming to fruition with Joe’s fence at the southern end. The platform now looks very smart and has progressed hugely through this year, well done to all the volunteers that have helped on this large project.

The pw gang have replaced two wooden sleepers near to the crossing with concretes so that the rail joint is not stressed. Their focus has now returned to the run-round loop where there are plenty of sleepers to lay and gauge up.

The Fowler continues to make steady progress, with work ongoing on the engine, body-work and the air system.

Ian is progressing the refurbishment of the Mk1 buffet with the new kitchen taking shape and the serving counter nearing completion.

Please not that there will be no more trains running at Whitrope this season as we undertake a period of staff training and work to prepare for the new running season next year, when we hope to run some big events in association with the opening of the railway to Tweedbank.


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    It’s good to see more excellent progress!

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