Posted by: wrha | July 21, 2014

Borders Railway Project: Sherrifhall to Newcraighall

The final section of the Borders Railway is all new construction being on a different alignment to the old Waverley line. It leaves the old trackbed just south of Sherrifhall roundabout, then runs parallel to Millerhill road before cutting across the site of the old Monktonhall colliery. The area used to be a major coal producing zone with the associated huge marshalling yards at Millerhill. It is now all cleared land that has been designated as the site for a major housing and light industry development, which will be served by the new Shawfair station. Some of the Millerhill site is still in use but just a small part of what was a huge freight marshalling complex. The Borders Railway joins the Edinburgh sub line just south of Newcraighall station. This is an area that will soon be unrecognisable when compared with the landscape before the railway arrived. All the roads in the area are being re-aligned and what will be a massive housing development will transform a former derelict industrial landscape into modern commuter belt. This area is where the Borders Railway has completely transformed the surrounding area. It will be interesting to see if this happens at other areas along the route as time goes by.


  1. Thank You again for being so busy providing these photos.

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