Posted by: wrha | June 25, 2014

Bay Platform Works: Monday and Tuesday (part 1)

Monday again saw a good team up the hill, with a number of jobs to get done.

The first priority was to complete the shunt and have the Ruston, buffet coach and exhibition coach below where the track was to be slewed to give access to the bay. With the issue that halted the shunted on Sunday evening resolved the stock was successfully moved without any more problems.

Work now focused on starting to move the rails at the slew. This is a large task which involves disconnecting the rails on the running line slewing them across to connect them to the track into the bay. The rest of Monday was taken up starting this operation.

Tuesday, with the weather holding up fine, work on the slew continued. With a reasonable number of bodies up, some worked on the slew, whilst others ballasted and packed the track into the bay. There was even time for Baz to use the digger and bumper to move some of the spare hard-core from the car park to fill the depression in bridge 200.

The slew was completed by late afternoon. The Ruston was fired up and when everyone was ready the coaches were pushed back up the hill. They negotiated the slew without any problems and slowly edged into the bay platform. The coaches entered the bay platform first time without any issues around catching the platform wall, a really pleasing result. It was then time for a quick celebration with a splash of whiskey and a cup-cake for those present. After a quick clean up around the site it was a tired but very happy group that made for home.

Having the stock in the bay platform is a great achievement for the society and a great indication of what as a group we are capable of attaining. It is with the dedication and hard work of all the volunteers past and present that we have reached this point. Feel proud about what you have helped to achieve, you all deserve it.

Part of the photographs showing the move will go up on this blog with the rest being put up tomorrow.


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