Posted by: wrha | June 19, 2014

Bay Platform Works

The first days of the current set of work days at Costa del Whitrope has seen bright sunshine and high temperatures. A good number of volunteers have been on site to ensure that work is progressing not only on the bay platform but also on several other areas around the site.

The first task in the bay platform area has been to re-profile the embankment to give a gentle slope down to the railway. This job has taken up the first two days and has seen a massive amount of earth moved away the the lower slope and distributed across the hillside. This should make the embankment much more stable and avoid future problems.

Elsewhere the Fowler team have been taking advantage of the weather to get undercoat on the covers and side doors. A number of area are now ready for the blue top coat to be applied.

The coaches have been shunted so that the exhibition coach is fully in the platform, allowing it to have a good wash and tidy up before going into the bay platform. The buffet coach is also receiving attention to areas that will be difficult to access in the bay.

A number of pw tasks have also been undertaken over the two days.

Overall great strides have been made in a number of areas and so long as the weather hold this should continue through the rest of the work days. If you are free over the next few days, any help would be gratefully received, just remember to bring the suntan cream!!


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