Posted by: wrha | June 13, 2014

Borders Railway Project: Progress north of Galashiels.

Moving on north from Galashiels with more new bridges in place or in the process of being put in place. The progress on the railway is very visible as you travel along the A7 and it would appear the everything is on track for next years opening.



  1. Thank you so much for posting these.
    Im so far away n in ill health to get to visut offten.
    There was some taken possibly by you a while back at Tyne head where the slop from the old goids yard and branch ran down hill. On the pin there were loads of sleepers ready to be laid and the trackbed looled near to be reads for ballast and sleepers.
    I was goimt to ask a huge favour
    With the greatest respect to your eork.
    Would you please be able some of or all if poss of the photos you have taken during construction.
    I give my word id never upload or share but ive got a file on my pc charting the progress of the works just like I did for the AtoB project.
    Im into history in a big way.
    And am passionate and feel strongly snout the Waverley route. Imho it shoukd never have been shut.
    Your photos if your willing woukd go into my decure drive with s timeline of ehen theybare all taken so that in years to come I can lookback and be entertained by the differences from start to finish.
    Id like to join the wrha and also lend my support for the campaign to reopen the rest.
    If your willing and mods please allow me to do this or please pm him my email address if it breaches your rules.
    My email address is
    Kind regards
    And many thanks.
    Note to the mods pls can you podt me out a membership pack and information pack througb the post.
    Pm me pls or call or text on the numbef ive put here.
    I fully support your project at your nrw station and line.
    Are there plans to extend the line south to Riccarton junction.
    And also nortb through the Tunnell.
    Also id like to offer if your interested MY It services I work for myself fixing home and business systems. Can do remote support and liase with ISP’s etc.
    If you coul pass the word out among your members.
    Id slso like to donate come next payday.
    And have a trip up to thr centre.
    Plesse let me knoe if I neef to book im advance to take a ride up front with the train driver.
    Finslly im activley involved in my local arra soraking at town council meetimgs and lisding with MPs to get local road changes pushed through.anyway I mentioned that is if hy any chance your committee has any spare places id like to take part.
    Also my local town coubcil are trying to restore and omd peat railway accrosd humberhead keveks.
    I think they would welcome any idvice.
    Kind regards sorru for yhe ultra long message.
    Jonathan Roberts

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