Posted by: wrha | May 28, 2014

Tuesday 27th May

The last day of the current batch of work on the bay. A number of tasks were undertaken whilst the plant was available. The first being a re-working of part of the drainage along the bay platform. This allowed the water level to be dropped about 5″ which should help keeping the trackbed in the bay stable.

A number of sleepers were collected from around the site and dumped in the work area, a job which will save a great deal of awkward lifting and carrying by hand.

The trackbed was extended beyond the end of the bay platform and is slowly getting closer to linking in with the section next to the running line. Another batch of type 1 will be needed to complete this part of the job.

Finally some of the spoil mound at the end of the platform was removed, there is still some to go but about half was removed before the plant was collected. This again should help with drainage in the area.

The last five days of work have again pushed the project forwards with the pleasing sight of track laid in the bay and the platform looking almost complete. A big thank you to all the volunteers that were on site over the five days. The project will continue to be worked on over the next few weekends with the aim of having one last set of work days in June to finish the project. The dates for these days will appear in the events page as soon as they are finalised.



  1. Great progress, men, well done to you all.


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