Posted by: wrha | May 24, 2014

Saturday 24th May

A grey and dank day up the hill failed to put off a good number of volunteers and several jobs were undertaken across the site.

With a digger and dumper on hire we continue with the works in the bay platform. Yesterday the area on the platform had a final scrap back and the membrane laid, with a dressing of type 1 on top. One of today’s jobs was to barrow the red granite chippings to add the final top-dressing. In the end we were a little short of material to totally complete the job, but we are very close and the top of the platform is now looking very smart.

Another major task undertaken was to start to lay the final surface in the bay. A couple of cross drains were laid first, then the membranes and finally a top coating of type 1. By the end of the day we were well over half way along the bay. One of the sleepers was lifted off the bank and put in place and two rails were dragged down from the running line. After a great deal of effort by lots of our volunteers the bay is slowly starting to look like a railway.

Tony C was up to re-fit the repaired coupling to Delilah, but as tends to be the case with these jobs it is never as simple as hoped. The coupling is back in place but a little more work is required before Delilah will be fully back up and running.

Davie worked away on the cab of the Fowler, more rubbing down and primer.

In-between all the activity we had a steady stream of visitors and the rail-bus undertook a number of turns. Overall a good day, thanks to all who helped out.



  1. Many thanks to all who helped out.


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