Posted by: wrha | April 30, 2014

Works Days Part 6

Further progress has been made on the bay platform over the last couple of days. Unfortunately on Tuesday the dumper ‘Delilah’ had a major breakdown with the drive coupling breaking, this has put the dumper out of action until repairs can be completed. It has also brought an early end to the planned progress for the moment on the bay, which is frustrating as the job was advancing well.

The hardcore laid on the approach to the bay is now fairly stabilised and the bay itself has been scrapped back to the required depth for the membrane to be laid, then hard-core placed on top.

With the dumper out of action work turned to the platform and the fill has been compacted down and the area now awaits some type 1 fill then top dressing.

Overall the job has come on well with a couple more sessions we should be in a position to start putting the track in place, although this will have to wait a while as people need a break from all the time they have been putting in. Many thanks to all the folks that have helped, one of the railways major strategic objectives in well on the way to being realised.


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