Posted by: wrha | April 28, 2014

Works Days Part 5

Saturday and Sunday saw steady progress on the bay, although the weather was doing it’s best to hamper things. Saturday saw a lot of the earth from in front of the platform removed as the ground conditions were very wet. Sunday the approach to the bay was re-laid with hard-core.

Saturday saw a good turn out of volunteers so a number of jobs were under-way. Davie and Tom were working on the Fowler with both the inside and outside of the cab seeing steady advancement.

Craig was up and fitted the new throttle control box to the unit, which is now ready for the new season.

The pw team were down in the cutting on the approach to the tunnel laying out sleepers for the run-round loop, just needs base plates, screws, gauging etc and away we go!!

Alan and Bill were pulling the last bits of the exhibition together, which is really starting to look very impressive.

Ian was working away in the Mk1 buffet getting work done on the panelling, before the ‘new’ kitchen arrives.

On Sunday worked continued on the exhibition and in the Mk1 buffet.



  1. Great stuff men.

    Well done to all.


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