Posted by: wrha | April 20, 2014

Works Days 2014 part 3

Tuesday and Wednesday saw more work on both the actual bay and the approach. The hill side was cut back further and a start made on establishing a solid foundation on the approach to bay platform. Further work was done along the bay to deepen the ditch and the platform area was filled with spoil, this is now ready for compacting, levelling and top dressing. The digger went off hire on Wednesday, so for the moment the work on the bay will be stopped.

Friday Iain Mac did a survey of the running line to make sure it is safe for the forthcoming  running season, pleasingly it was in good order, just some minor points that need to be addressed. These will be worked on over the next couple of weeks so that we are ready for running in May.

Saturday and a glorious day at Whitrope saw a good turn out of volunteers. Davie and Tom were working on the Fowler, using the opportunity to advance the paintwork, Davie working on the outside of the cab and Tom the cab floor. Some more work was carried out on the engine which is slowly starting to come back together. Alan and Bill continue to work on the exhibition coach and the displays are now nearly completed. The Ruston was run up and then had an oil change, so she is now ready for the new season. Joe continues to work on the drains around the level crossing, progressing the inspection point on the south side of the crossing.

The plan over the next couple of weeks is to re-hire the digger to allow the ground-works for the bay to be completed.  Once the dates are finalised in the next few days a notice will go on the site as we will any help people can give to complete the next phase.



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