Posted by: wrha | April 14, 2014

Works Days 2014 part 2

Thursday and Friday saw further work on the approach area to the bay with various drains laid. The whole area is very soft and is going to require a lot of hard core to provide a stable foundation. Baz and Dave also did some more work on RB004. A fantastic effort over the week by all concerned with steady progress being made. Jim was up on the Friday and both the Mk1 buffet and the exhibition coach are now all wired for 240 volts.

Saturday saw a good turn of volunteers and a number of tasks were undertaken. A large amount of hardcore was laid in part of the approach to the bay to provide a stable base for the digger and dumper to operate from. Davie continued his campaign ‘to paint it black’ certainly regarding the frames on the Fowler anyway! Bill and Alan continued work on the exhibition coach and things are now starting to take shape. Ian was working on the roof of the Mk1 buffet, repairing a couple of leaks. Although the day itself was very grey and dank lunch was enjoyed in the dazzling brightness of the fully working lights of the Mk1 buffet (sunglasses now required!!)

Sunday saw the digger on top of the hill pulling back some of the over burden. The ground was saturated so progress was slowed somewhat by the digger quite often disappearing into the mud. Still a huge amount of earth was shifted and the area at the top of the excavation now looks much more stable. Further progress was also made on a number of other tasks across the site.

Monday and Jim in the digger was working on the bay platform excavating the ditch and compacting the base to provide a stable foundation. Once again the sea of mud seemed to swallow whatever hardcore was thrown at and cried and out for more. By the end of the day a much deeper ditch had been established and the base of the bay was beginning to stabilize.

The next few days should see further progress in the bay and with some luck a start will be made on laying the actual foundation layers ready for track. A huge amount has been achieved and once again a huge thank you to all the volunteers who have given so much time to make it all happen.



  1. Thanks for the update. The last blokes to battle with that mud were the navvies in the 1860s. Perhaps that wheelbarrow next to the track is a tribute (to you and them)!
    Cheers from OZ.

  2. Well done to all. Hope you all enjoy mud.


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