Posted by: wrha | April 9, 2014

Works days 2014

An update on progress at Whitrope part way through the first week of the work days.

Monday saw atrocious conditions with driving rain all day. With the digger on site a start was made on removing some of the spoil off the area that will give access to the bay platform. The day also saw several deliveries of stone for use in the bay.
Baz and Dave were on site all day with support from Andy Laing and steady progress was made.

Tuesday dawned a bright day and the same team again made steady progress with removing spoil from the area. The amount of water present in the excavation area after Monday’s rain made the working area fairly difficult. Some surveying work was done to ensure that all the levels are correct and preparation work was done on RB004 ready for the new season.

Baz and Dave were joined by Jim on Wednesday and another reasonable day saw further progress made, with a large amount of spoil removed and a start on some of the drains which should hopefully help reduce the amount of water on the excavation site.

So on the whole great progress has been made so far, although the area still appears like a sea of mud. The next few days should see more tangible progress.
A great effort so far for our first real week long works session with thanks to all the volunteers that have been able to be on site allowing such good progress to be made.



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