Posted by: wrha | April 2, 2014

Freightliner to Brunthill

Whilst all talk of reopening at the moment concerns the northern end of the Waverley Route, down at the Carlisle end it’s often forgotten that the line still exists and is used, from Kingmoor to Stainton reversing loop and over the West Coast Main Line to Brunthill.

A recent Brunthill trip working was captured by Dave Smith as it passed over bridge 261. These workings are quite rare so to get some photos of one is something special. The loco is in fact propelling the Cargos back to Stainton, though it does look like it’s taking a northbound Class 6 to Millerhill!




Photos copyright David Smith.


  1. Is that the same bridge as the January mystery location (which looked overgrown with bushes)?

  2. Yep John.

    New mystery location along shortly then.

  3. Nice to see a train running there.

  4. Great shots

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