Posted by: wrha | March 23, 2014

Saturday 22nd March

Sorry for the lack of recent updates have been somewhat busy away from the railway. Things at Whitrope have been progressing well through February and March with progress made on a number of fronts. Baz and Dave have progressed the bay platform wall and the brick course is now complete and the last three coping stones for the platform are ready to be laid. Progress has been made with the point rodding runs to allow the cross-over to be operated from the ground-frame, hopefully a couple more months and this job will be complete.

Today we had Mike from Lift ‘n’ Shift on site on site, principally to drop the engine back in the Fowler. Whilst he was available we moved the brown container down to the compound were it will be a much more conveniently located to support working on the Fowler. The blue container was also re-located on the previous site of the brown container to help free up the area of the turning circle. Lastly some concrete sleepers were placed up near the level crossing to prepare for some forthcoming pw work.

There is plenty going on up the hill and we have quite a bit planned over the next couple of weeks which should have a large impact on the site.

Please note that the road from Hawick to Newcastleton B6399 is closed for the next 6 weeks so people will need take the diversion via the Bonchester Bridge road A6088
if coming to Whitrope from the north.



  1. Well done again, men.

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