Posted by: wrha | January 18, 2014

Saturday 18th January

A damp but fairly mild day at Whitrope, with a good number of volunteers on site. Bill and Alan were up doing more preparation work for the new exhibition. Joe was also up for the weekend and will be advancing a number of jobs on site. A warm welcome to new volunteer Craig who hopefully will be a regular from now on.
The main job of the day was to advance the work on the point to allow the point rodding to be run, thus allowing operation of the points from our ground frame. Good progress was made with the stretcher bar reversed to avoid fouling the soleplate. One of the drive lugs from last weeks load of S&T gear was then attached to the point and a trail fitting of the drive bar and first length of rodding undertaken. It all looked good, so with a little more work this part of the job should soon be complete.



  1. Well done to all.


  2. Proper S&T progress! Physical connection to the ground frame by February??

  3. Working points then signals. Coal staithes and water tower next?

    • I’m not sure about staithes and a tower, but servicing facilities for steam locos is certainly in the plans…

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