Posted by: wrha | December 15, 2013

Saturday 14th December

A short day at Whitrope as the promised bad weather arrived shortly after lunch. Still the team that was up there progressed a number of jobs before calling it a day.

The last of the fish-plates on the running line were completed with all fish-plates now having a full set of bolts. Davie continued work on the sandboxes for the Fowler. Peter and Tom did some more work on general site maintenance. A number of fish-plate bolts were also refurbished by Jim ready for use on the stock siding.



  1. Well done under difficult conditions guys. I promise I’ll be up there with you when work loosens its talons a bit!

  2. Well done men. Keep it up.

    Roy Perkins

  3. Hi guys just to wish you all a very happy Christmas , Thanks for all the amazing photographs this past year.
    You’ve done us all proud, its an amazing project and hard work you have all done there and impressive to know that you got there first πŸ™‚
    Yorkshire. .

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