Posted by: wrha | December 1, 2013

Saturday 30th November

Another pleasant November day, with a good turn out of volunteers.

Tom and Peter continued their vegetation management program with the help of new volunteer Derek.  Rod and Davie worked on the Fowler with Davie blasting everything in sight with the power washer. The under-frame is now all ready for stripping back and primer to be applied.

A small pw team fitted a number of fish-plate bolts with the running line now just about complete. There are a couple of rails that need holes drilling, but that will be done in the next few weeks.

Ian and Alan continue to progress with the the Mk1 buffet, with the electrics nearly complete. The strip lights should be going in this week hopefully. Joe was also up for the weekend and progressing various drainage projects.



  1. Helpers continue to roll in, long may it continue. Well done to all.


  2. Keep up the good work gents. I was committed to another arrangement as you’ll see fromy blog but it sounds like things are going well anyway.

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