Posted by: wrha | November 28, 2013

Borders Railway Project: progress from Whitlee bridge to Harpers bridge

The next section of the railway to be surveyed runs from Whitlee bridge to Harpers bridge which basically covers the Bowland area between Galashiels and Stow.



  1. Appreciate seeing these as live a long way south. Please keep posting.

  2. There is a huge amount of work going on! If the route had survived, I wonder whether BR would have bothered with the improvements to drains, bridges etc?
    Need any of those fence posts at Whitrope?

  3. Didn’t appreciate that the wrha were so involved in the works near Edinburgh. Well done on bringing rails back to Galashiels as well as Whitrope.

  4. This is creating a invaluable record of the rebuild progress. Well done.
    I’ve got a few earlier images of both Rye Haugh and the ‘missing’ spans at Torwoodlee if you’re interested.
    BTW: Isn’t it Bowland, and not Bowhill? The only Bowhill I know is just down the road from me just outside Selkirk.

    • It certainly is Richard, cheers. It just goes to show no mater how many times you check something things still get through. Changed now to Bowland.

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