Posted by: wrha | November 17, 2013

November Works Weekend

The last works weekend of 2013, with the focus on getting the site ready for the winter shut-down. One of the main job of the weekend was to strip the signal post that is going back up to Stirling for display. This was stripped on Saturday morning and collected by Matt who is going to restore the arm and signals ready for display. Baz was up and laid some of the final brick course along the bay platform wall. Some work was done on the rail-bus with the throttle control box taken away for a major rebuild through the winter. Peter and Tom were busy pulling self seeding saplings from the track-bed areas, lots of mini Christmas trees. Davie spent several hours battling with the air system pipework on the Fowler and seemed happy with progress. The pw boys bolted up some of the sleepers recovered from the level crossing renewal last month on the stock siding and along the run round loop. Joe was up and was busy planting bulbs for spring. Ian continued his work in the Mk1 buffet with the old kitchen area now stripped out and the electrician is due up next week to complete the re-wire.

Sunday saw a smaller turn out with Joe doing drainage works up near the level crossing. The other main job of the day was sorting out the Saxa box to identify exactly what was in there. By the close the Saxa box was looking much more respectable, there were even areas where the floor could be seen! With the pw requirements survey undertaken over the weekend we now have a clear picture of the materials required to support next years planned works and exactly what we hold in stock.

Overall a good weekend with a number of jobs done. Work will continue on site mainly on Saturdays over the next few weeks as long as the weather holds.


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